Elena and William's love started in high school and has grown into one of mutual respect and admiration for each other. Unknowingly they attended the same schools since fourth grade. Elena loves music, photography, cats, and standing up for the causes she believes in.  William is hardworking, friendly, and loves animals and children.

On day, after being engaged for a year with a promise ring, Elena and her best friend, Sarah (Maid of Honor), went window shopping for engagement rings and Elena found a ring she really loved. She texted Billy a picture of the ring and sked if she could put a down payment on it. She got a text back, "sure, ok."  Later she found out Billy thought he was answering her text about going out to dinner, not about a ring! It turned out to be a great choice and a beautiful ring!

Elena and William are very excited about sharing the big day with family and friends. Both Billy and Elena's parents have been married for over thirty five years. They hope to follow in their example and one day look back on many years of happy anniversaries.